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The Industry's Gold Standard

Quality  +  Certified  +  Medical Grade  =  Trusted

The Industry's Gold Standard

Quality  +  Certified  +  Medical Grade  =  Trusted

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My goodness, we've really become accustomed to drinking this water and enjoying an elevated sense of well-being. Water is so central to life and health, it's a great feeling to have everyday access to the very best available.


The cleaning waters alone are worth the price.

Okay, I bought this because a family member recommended it and have never looked back. We've removed ALL of our chemical household cleaners from our home and simply use the two cleaning waters this machine produces. We've noticed a significant decrease in the number of colds and flu in our homes since we started cleaning house with this. I learned that the Strong Acid Water this machine puts out is a VERY efficient anti-pathogen. I can only assume this is the reason.


I'm amazed so far!

I had never heard of a "water ionizer" before when I stumbled into this! After talking to Michael (a distributor) he really helped me understand the benefits of such a device... I have to say I was stunned! I mean HOW can WATER do all of this?!!

It cleans my windows BETTER than windex which was my first shocker, even the grease my kids smeared everywhere, it cuts right through it!

Then the drinking water "9.5" they call it. I was very skeptical at first I am finding that my family is ASKING for water now! I felt it too, never drank so much water in my life!

There's so much more to be said, but I'll visit back later once we've more experience. GRATEFUL FOR THIS PRODUCT!!!